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Metal Puzzles of the USSR  09.07.2019 13:56

Soviet Union produced a wide variety of mechanical puzzles including many original designs. Most of them were plastic twisty, sliding block or tangram puzzles. Metal puzzles of the Soviet era are extremely rare and information about them is scarce. They were mostly produced by small coops associated with large plants. In order to introduce these metal puzzles with the English-speaking puzzling community I have created this list. My mission is to keep it updated as I find more information about this subject. Most pictures were found in the Internet. 


1. Misha (Olympic Bear). This is an extremely rare and sought-after interlocking puzzle made of cast aluminium. Two pieces are locking to prevent the figurine to fall apart. The bear was a mascot of the Olympic games 1980 held in Moscow, USSR. I have this one in my private collection.

  Olympic Bear


2. Wire Puzzles. Produced by Patriotic War Invalids' guild of Gormetpromsoyuz, Moscow named after Alexander Matrosov. The largest set of wire puzzles produced in the USSR. Nicely made cardboard package with a leaflet. I have an incomplete set in a box.

 Gormetpromsoyuz set 5


3. Puzzle. A set of wire puzzles produced by Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant, in the 1970-1990s. Later package design was different than in the picture.



4. Puzzle. A set of wire puzzles produced by Ternopol Harvester Plant named afer the XXV congress of the CPSU (Тернопольский комбайновый завод имени XXV съезда КПСС), Ukrainian SSR.



5. Wire Puzzle. A set of six wire puzzles produced by odessa Machine-building Plant (Одесский Станкостроительный завод), Ukrainian SSR. 



6. Meleda. A classic Chinese rings puzzle. Manufacturer unknown.



7. Chinese rings puzzle made of steel and plastic produced by Вильнюсский завод радиоизмерительных приборов.



8. Kyrgyz wire puzzles. Manufactured by coop "Pusk" of the Agricultural Machine-building Plant named after M.V. Frunze, Kyrgyz SSR (Кооператив "Пуск" завода сельскохозяйственного машиностроения им. М.В. Фрунзе, Киргизская ССР). Cheap clear plastic package contains individual wire puzzle without a namewith a small paper insert. I have one of these. 



9. Bur. A classic six-piece burr puzzle made of aluminium in a black plastic container. The lid is embossed with a picture of a military map associating the bur with a Czech hedgehog. Manufacturer unknown.

112584701 (1)


10. Try to disconnect the nails. A classic bent nails puzzle produced by Bryansk Plant of Metal Structures and Oil and Gas Equipment (Брянский ЗМТО).

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