About Us

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrei Ivanov.

I live in the city of Moscow, Russia. In the last few years I acquired passion for mechanical puzzles, especially those made of metal. This hobby soon developed into designing and engineering puzzles myself.

In 1970 Stewart Coffin coined the name "AP-Art" to describe the polyhedral interlocking puzzles he made. AP-Art stands for art that can be taken apart. While I cannot compete in design or craftsmanship with the renowned masters like Stewart Coffin (and so many others), I very much like the idea of making esthetic objects in the first place.

If you like mechanical puzzles made of metal, please stay tuned because I always have something in the pipeline.

Metallofactura is a small family-owned web store run by me and my wife Anna Moiseeva.


Best Regards,

Andrei Ivanov